RIMA jewels’ creations are rooted in the observation that an intimacy with culture and beauty is a necessary and shared experience. A life filtered through poetry and visual art has imbued RIMA creations with the same wonder and excitement by which a chance discovery is made indelible; essential. A commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and a signature design vocabulary underlie these principles.

The resulting jewels –all crafted in Rocío Inès’ Manhattan studio- are a distillation of classic themes in jewelry alongside fresh concepts for today’s talismans. The collection employs the use of noble metals and a variety of precious stones and minerals.

Among RIMA’s imaginative sources reside alchemy, ancient metallurgy, mythical beasts, and religious/spiritual iconography –all of which unequivocally guide the aesthetic choices within their respective frameworks. Each piece contains evidence of its own making as sculpture and the textures of process that underline their history as uniquely handmade. The collections conjure the enduring sophistication and sensibility of yesteryear which manifest as tangible material testaments that have borne witness to time. Each jewel contains treasured anecdotes of something curiously unknown. This is at the heart of RIMA jewels: timeless works at their creation and so they mysteriously remain as these singular jewels subtly transform, protect, corroborate and merge with your person.


Yield to the luxury of inhabiting truth.